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Pilates Training

The Body Kinetics Health Club has offered the most comprehensive and unique Pilates program in the Bay Area for over 20 years. We provide superior instruction for the widest variety of clientele. Our program is distinguished by focusing on the Pilates method presented within the context of a full-fitness program, and is supported by a fully equipped health club. Instruction in the Pilates studio incorporates current trends in biomechanics and innovations with the use of props. All new members are evaluated and provided a set–up program in both Pilates and fitness including cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training, balance and coordination. Our Pilates program has been voted "Best of Marin" for four years.

What is the Pilates Method? The Pilates Method was developed by Joseph H. Pilates in the 1920s. He created an exercise system combining Eastern and Western disciplines with his own style of equipment. Pilates is a mind body discipline that focuses on muscle function and form. Exercises are designed to teach motor control. A Pilates workout is based on variable, spring-loaded resistance instead of weights. With springs, muscle tension cannot be pre-set, and an ongoing response to the ever changing spring tension demands incredibly fast neuro-muscular response time. Lying, sitting, kneeling and standing, you work many muscle groups at the same time rather than one isolated group.

At Body Kinetics you can expect an authentic Pilates experience utilizing all the apparatus. 55 minute sessions are incorporated into a well-paced, invigorating workout with full attention to the six principles developed by Joseph Pilates: concentration, control, precision, centering, breathing, and flowing motion.

What are the benefits of studying the Pilates Method? Pilates training develops a high degree of abdominal and back strength, activates the deep, core skeletal muscles, enhances suppleness of the spine and limbs and strengthens overall by increasing neuro-muscular coordination. By studying the Pilates Method you will gain a cognitive understanding of how the body and mind work together to generate movement of specific muscles, as well as reverse the detrimental effects of timeworn patterning. It is excellent for muscle conditioning, improving overall quality of life, rehabilitating and preventing injuries.

First Step:  A Pilates Reformer class that does not require any previous Pilates experience! We start at the beginning as we introduce you to the work of Joseph Pilates: Mat, Tower, Reformer and Chair exercises... we have packed all of it into this dynamic new program. You must be injury free to participate in this class.

Level 2: Continue learning and challenging yourself. Developing a stronger core means you can perform more difficult exercises with ease. Your body will begin to change with long lean muscles and a more flexible spine.

Private Pilates Sessions: The fastest way to learn, where you get one-on-one attention. Best for people with pre-existing conditions and special populations.

Duets: Share a session with a buddy.

Pilates Apparatus Classes: Offer clients an affordable way to work with a fully trained Pilates instuctor in a small group setting. Classes are no more than 8 students and are offered from beginning to advanced levels. To receive the best possible price, scheduling and one-time payment, sign up for Guaranteed Time Slot (GTS). While priority is given to those who sign up for the GTS format, the group equipment classes are available on a space available basis for students who wish to pay for single sessions or in 10 packs.